"Nick Wade has been playing the blues for more than 30 years, since he was five years old. But he hadn’t recorded and released an album until now with Feeling Good Is Good Enough. The record doesn’t play like that of a first-time recording artist; it’s the sounds of a steady hand and competent feel for pre-war acoustic blues ... Feeling Good Is Good Enough marks a strong start to Wade’s recording career and is more than worthy of your time”     


"The musical recipe that Nick Wade, a talented musician who delivers old time original blues music, uses on Feeling Good Is Good Enough contains the following ingredients: 1) His guitars, which include a 1936 Gibson Kalamazoo, similar to the one Robert Johnson used on his recordings and a boutique hand made Goodman instrument that appears to replicate the old Stella guitars. 2) Convincing vocals that sound eerily like they were recorded with the tone and inflections of bluesmen of the '30s. 3) Twelve original songs that also include two instrumentals, "Ragamuffin" and "Raggin' My Blues Away" that bring out the lovely pure voices Of his fine instruments. 4) A soulful drive to infuse his music with an authenticity that would make Robert Johnson smile in his grave … Robert Johnson only recorded 29 songs (not including outtakes and alternate versions) and let's hope that Nick Wade can exceed that output with his talent. He has a good start with his first 12 songs. Try this with your blues loving friends: play a few old blues recordings, slip in some songs by Nick Wade and see if they can tell the difference. Please consider adding the timeless Feeling Good Is Good Enough to your musical library."


With deft guitar playing and an authentic blues man’s voice Nick Wade’s new album Feeling Good Is Good Enough will cure what ails you."


"This is a bare bones acoustic blues adventure like we seldom hear anymore.  Feeling Good Is Good Enough takes you right down to the Delta on somebody’s back porch on a steaming summer day. The liner notes say “all songs written, composed and performed by Nick Wade (and) recorded live to tape.”  It doesn’t get any more real than this, gang.

If you think Nick Wade is ‘just another white guy ripping off the blues’, give Feeling Good a long, hard listen and reconsider.  Through his writing and playing Wade pays humble tribute to the giants that came before him; he knows and understands this music intimately.  Part of the blues’ spiritual power comes from gospel music and Nick credits Christ, who he describes as his creator, for giving him “a good ear and rhythm in his soul, plus his mother and grandpa for their musical training when he was just a child.”

Putting this album on is like listening to an old Son House record or maybe even Robert Johnson, but without the fidelity problems inherent in recordings from the 30’s.  More importantly, Feeling Good has that depth of soul that makes those old recordings so vital, and that’s what really sets Nick Wade apart. Essential listening? OH yeah."


"A Robert Johnson vibe opens Nick Wade's Feeling Good Is Good Enough (Extra Sensory Productions), 12 acoustic country blues and gospel numbers from his own pen after dedicated absorption of his forebears. Afterlife-affirming “Sing with the Angels” is a standout. Like The Rolling Stones' “Prodigal Son,” his “Broke and Busted” reflects Rev. Robert Wilkins' “That's No Way to Get Along.” "


“If Robert Johnson were making records today, they might sound something like this debut country blues album from singer and acoustic guitarist Nick Wade. Recorded live in the studio and elsewhere, the CD delivers all-new Wade originals that explore classic blues themes and sound like standards. Harmonica player Li’l Ronnie Owens guests on a track called “Lonesome Copperhead Snake,” but the other 11 numbers feature only Wade’s voice and guitar, both of which help to convey the pain in songs like “Raggin’ My Blues Away,” “The Broken Hearted Man,” and “Broke and Busted.” ”


“Nick Wade - Another reason to celebrate this blues resurgence with the no-frills acoustic blues of this incredible guitarist , songwriter, and vocalist ... Nick Wade ,at the ripe old age of 32 , brings back those front porch traditions, music that is honest and straightforward. genuine blues music isn;t learned - it's felt - and Nick Wade certainly proves that this is very true ... Nick Wade understands the role that this music plays in our culture. He makes the kind of music you might have heard on the front porches of Virginia a century ago but stamps the music, the very essence of these traditions, with his own unique individuality.  Nick Wade - a truly interesting talent well worth checking out. He is what the blues needs right now, a sound like nobody else, dragging the blues forward into the 21st century, creating ear-catching music that will energize new fans and excite blues traditionalists.  Sitting on my front porch right now, popping a cork, and letting these blues flow right through me. Thanks, Nick !!”


"Often when I write one of these reviews, I include a line that goes something like, "Purists may not like this..." which is not meant to be a slight of any kind. It's just a little warning that those folks who prefer their sound acoustic instead of amplified might not enjoy the songs on this particular album. Well, for once, I get to write the opposite for Virginia artist Nick Wade's debut album Feeling Good Is Good Enough. 

Wade is a purist’s dream. Guy Davis points out in a blurb for the album, "Nick Wade is a young cat with an old sound. you hear it not just in his guitar playing, which is definitely expert, but in his voice which is real, true and deeply appealing." 

High praise indeed. 

It's a brave man who stands alone armed only with his voice and a 1936 Gibson guitar. Okay, to be honest, he also uses a 2022 Goodman Grand Concert and has harmonica master L'il Ronnie Owens play on one song.  Nick Wade is following the tradition set down by early bards, telling the story in song in such a way that you only need one person to tell it."


“All Nick Wade’s cleverness, knowledge, technique and feeling can be found in this new recording, gathering twelve own compositions that communicate the real essence of country blues and old tradition music, he has learned from those masters like Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Gary Davis or Blind Blake among others, musicians who have undoubtedly been references to him and have been the ones he has inherited the intensity and passion when he develops the songs included in the album as well as when he plays live shows.”


“Nick Wade's debut album 'Feeling Good is Good Enough' was recently released. He took his 1936 Gibson guitar and his 2022 Goodman Grand Concert and took 12 original songs to a studio in Green Springs (VA), where he recorded the songs (almost) solo and “live to tape”. How sincere and authentic this Nick Wade is as a musician and lover of “the old dust-covered black blues”!”


"It’s not often that a younger bluesman comes along, steeped in the country Delta blues. Enter Nick Wade, who has received a glowing endorsement from Guy Davis and Corey Harris, and surely many others who don’t grace the liner notes.  Wade certainly has mastered his guitar playing and vocals stylings, but he also notably wrote all twelve tunes here, rendered in the style of the originators of the form, especially his main influence Robert Johnson, earing this praise from Harris, “…His sincere dedication to the history, heritage, spirit, and the truth of the blues both uniquely impressive and what is needed in the world today.” Welcome Nick Wade to the thin ranks of authentic acoustic blues artists. It’s refreshing to see a young man receive the calling as we need more of his ilk to keep this vital art form thriving."


“Blues players, let’s welcome one more into the fold. I spent some time with Nick Wade. He’s young in the music but I think he’s going to make me proud to be an associate of his. Be on the lookout, he’s recording.” 


“Nick Wade is a young cat with an old sound. You hear it not just in his guitar playing which is definitely expert, but also in his voice which is real, and true and deeply appealing. The old acoustic blues feels good in his hands , and sounds great on his tongue. I really dig the way he tunes his gitfiddle down low, so he can find all of the lowdown grit and bendy notes. If I had to describe his musical delivery in one phrase, it would be “rich and organic”. To misquote Woody Guthrie, Nick has “reborned” himself. His love of the old, dust-covered black blues is genuine and authentic. Keep your eyes and ears on this cat.” 


“Coming from a musical family, master guitarist Nick Wade continues in the tradition with this strong outing of classic and original acoustic blues. His sincere dedication to the history, heritage, spirit and the truth of the blues is both uniquely impressive and what’s needed in this world today.” 


"From the playing style to the inflections in his voice, Wade delivers a performance that, except for the obvious lack of hiss and other issues inherent in the old recordings, could have been pulled from 78’s.  This was one of the best things I’ve heard all year.  Without a single cover tune, the use of high-tech devices, or catchy gimmicks, Nick delivers a sound that is 100% the “real deal” …even down to the length of the songs.  Straight-ahead blues and gospel, with no filler, Feeling Good Is Good Enough will be a welcomed treat for those who long for a taste of the truly traditional." 


"With his percussive guitar playing and his authentic Blues Voice, Nick takes you on a journey of the Country Life of a Bluesman. The first song, “Sky Line Drive”, kind of back and forth of Spoken Word/Singing (very reminiscent of the Blues Legends of early 1900’s), with great fingerpickin’ guitar style. Nick likes alternating between “Hard-luck” Blues and old Gospel Blues. Nick’s singing is so excellent for this type of blues. Nick’s ability to make the listening audience feel the lyrics of each song is super talent expressed through a very humble and nice human being. I rarely do this, but I will give this a 10+ on Blues Content and a 10+ on Music Content." 

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